Botswana Beef

The people of Botswana and the cattle population have been inextricably linked for hundreds of years and cattle, whether they are bred for milk or beef, form part of the fabric of everyday life for the Batswana people of this Southern Africa landlocked country. Botswana‘s environment rages from fertile floodplain deltas to areas of fragile eco–systems with fluctuating rainfall, which ensures hardy, nutritious grassland interspersed with low bush referred to as the veld–the home of Botswana's cattle breeding herd.
The raising of cattle touches almost all of the population, with cattle outnumbering people by two to one. Urban dwellers and rural communities alike have some involvement and contact on a daily basis with cattle grazing on the veld.

Breeds and Genetics have been updated and selected, selected to produce beef that has unique flavour and textures and a delicious taste based on natural grassland production systems. Cattle production sits alongside and in some cases amidst diverse wildlife populations, which encompasses Africa‘s largest to its smallest species.
The balance between conservation of wildlife, a valuable resource for tourism, and the needs of the commercial cattle industry is a complex one, with all sectors cooperating to ensure viability and benefit for each of the sectors. Division of the country into regions or, couple with surveillance measures and monitoring of herds with strict controls on livestock movement give access into markets seeking the highest animal health requirements.

Botswana is a leader in cattle identification and traceability with cattle implanted rumen boluses, which unique electronic radio frequency devices which are scanned to provide animal history back to the National Data Base. This ensures consumer confidence based on world’s based practice. From the .unique number of each carton, we are able to trace the meat back to the specific farm. BMC products are Halaal as supervised certified by the Botswana Muslim Association.
The Botswana cattle industry uses free range and natural farming methods, which ensure full – flavoured, lean beef of highest quality. Botswana ‘s land and its sub- tropical and semi-arid climate is ideally suited for cattle farming . The country boasts of between 2.5 to 2.8 million head of cattle.