To produce quality meat and value adding products for global markets.


A globally renowned meat and diversified products enterprise.

Brand Promise

“Meat Perfection defined”

Core Values:

Customer focus and Consumer Satisfaction
Caring towards our people
Team work
Sense of urgency
Courage for change


The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) 2015-2017 Strategic Plan was developed during the period in which the business was recovering from its lowest financial status ever, this is the period 2009 to 2014. The poor cattle supply impacted heavily on the operational costs which contributed significantly to the poor financial situation of the Commission in the past. This also coupled with varied market dynamics/changes as well as varying inadequacies of commercialization of beef-production nationally.

In response to these challenges the BMC decided to re-adopt the revitalized strategic pillars, mission, vision and values developed in 2014, for the next year 2018/19, as it effects changes proposed by the shareholder (Botswana Government) aimed at restructuring the BMC for improved efficiencies. Such proposed changes includes privatization of the BMC Lobatse & Francistown abattoirs, among others.


Re-adopted objectives for 2018/19 include the following points;

Value Chain Optimization

The first thrust of the strategy focuses on improving efficiencies and effectiveness in the BMC value chain especially through efficient and effective cattle procurement and beef production.  It is also important to note that BMC as an export meat processing facility especially to the stringent but lucrative EU market, cannot be a low cost producer as the cost of compliance to the said market is very high.  BMC therefore focuses on the production of high quality products for niche markets.  However, it is also critical to note that compliance to the EU market is a gateway to other equally high paying markets such as the Russian Federation, Middle East especially the Gulf States, and the Far East.  Therefore, five (5) of our strategic themes are aimed at this improvement.  These strategic themes are “Cattle Procurement”, “Meat Production”, “Aggressive and Innovative Product Distribution and Marketing” underpinned by “Process Efficiency and Effectiveness.”  The last of the five strategic themes is the need for “Compliance” throughout the BMC value chain.

Diversification and Partnering Opportunities

The second strategic thrust aims at the “Diversification” in BMC products and services by also taking advantage of “Partnering Opportunities” especially with cattle producers, financiers and other stakeholders.  This will lead to growing the business and achieving our desired direction as encapsulated in our vision “A Globally Renowned Meat and Diversified Products Enterprise”. This is therefore driven through the strategic theme “Diversification and Partnering Opportunities.”

Financial Restructuring and Organization Transformation

The last two themes, “Financial Restructuring and Measures”, and “Transformation of the Organization to High Performance Culture” will anchor and support the BMC value chain.



The central purpose or mission of the Botswana Meat Commission is therefore; “To produce quality meat and value adding products for global markets.”

The ability to produce meat and value added products for niche global markets is important for BMC, looking at its cost-structure comparative to other mass-producers/players who have access to similar markets.


The new vision of the Botswana Meat Commission is “A globally renowned meat and diversified products enterprise.”

This vision demonstrates the fact that BMC wants to take advantage of its global presence/reputation and use this comparative edge to respond succinctly to market needs/requirements through introduction of varied products.

Brand Promise

The BMC commits to its stakeholders and customers to consistently deliver value perfection and quality in every beef cut and processed meat products.  It therefore promises to deliver to its target markets through its brand promise “Meat Perfection Defined.”

Corporate Values

The Commission’s human capital management systems strives to create an environment conducive to nurturing the values required for our growth and sustainability in delivering our strategy.  The following corporate values have therefore been identified;

(a) Sense of Urgency

BMC aspires to be an outcome based business rather than being task-focused, and it would achieve that by improving turnaround time on all matters relating to the business.

(b) Courage for Change

BMC encourages its staff to take responsible risks and set ambitious goals.  We encourage our people to own the outcomes they are to deliver by rewarding contributions that will have exceptional impact on the Commission’s results.  We also encourage effective decision making rather than reliance on consensus.

© Teamwork

BMC encourages teamwork within its employees which is the ability to work together toward a common vision. Teamwork builds cooperation and collaboration among employees and foster trust resulting in increased creativity.  Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).

(d) Pursuit of Excellence

The philosophy that drives BMC culture of high performance involves; taking pride in whatever we do, Investing in employees to create a high performance culture that pursues excellence in whatever the Commission does, Never settling for outcomes that are less than excellent and developing and implementing strong systems and processes that produce consistently excellent products and providing superior value for farmers, customers and other stakeholders.

(e) Customer Focus

BMC focuses on its customers by paying attention to them, anticipating their needs and input, and also by putting the customer first and going an extra mile in whatever we do for the customer.  Through our customer strategy we will be able to build trust, strengthen the relationship, and create value for both the stakeholders and the Commission.

(f) Innovation

BMC’s innovation will involve deliberate application of information, imagination and initiative in deriving greater or different values from resources, and includes all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products.  BMC will innovate in order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

(g) Caring for our People

BMC aspires to be the employer of choice in Botswana We will make it a priority to take care of our people in whatever way we can.  We want to make it a priority that our people are able to do their work to the best of their ability by creating a culture of ownership in our employees.  We will find time to mentor, develop and coach employees so that they can obtain skills necessary to achieve the goals we give them. BMC will also achieve this through making meaningful differences and contributions to varied communities and societal groupings in Botswana.