Weaners (at Lobatse Sunnyside Farm).

  • BMC will buy male cattle of 0-4 teeth weighing 220 and above (feedlot-bound)
  • BMC buys both male & female cattle of 6-8 teeth weighing 340 kg and above
  • BMC ONLY buy traceable cattle with DVS radio frequency identification device (ear tag).
  • BMC does NOT buy any cattle with deformities or disease.

Direct Supply/Slaughter ready cattle (All BMC Plants).

  • BMC buys Male & Female cattle that achieves a Cold Dress Mass of 180kg and above.
  • BMC does not buy cattle with deformities or disease.
All stakeholders are therefore urged to make necessary arrangements for the immediate supply of cattle by contacting-
  • BMC Lobatse Livestock Procurement Division (0267) 533 1510
  • BMC Francistown Livestock Procurement Division (0267) 2414499
  • BMC Maun Livestock Procurement Division (0267) 6864080


Beef cattle farmers are encouraged to register their holdings (farms, feedlots, kraals, crush, fields etc.) with the Department of Veterinary Services in order to supply the European Union Market. Registration of such holdings allows the farmer to benefit from the premium EU cattle buying prices.