Beef biltong made from the world class beef


Beef carcass meal, blood meal, beef tallow all made from our rendering plant.

Canned Products

Corned beef, corned meat, pet food, stewed steak produced from our cannery plant

carcass sides

These are sold in quarters and are excellently used by butcheries to slice as per their

Chilled Product

Top class beef cuts done mostly  from the hindquarter cuts

Frozen Product

Top class beef cuts done mostly from forequarter cuts


Cow hides from our daily production


Liver, spleen, hearts, tails,tongues,Tripe,cassings, kidneys,Cheek Meat, Head Meat,Lungs, Beef feet, Body fat all produced under strict supervision of the resident competent authority


Best beef in sizeable bags such as 1kg,2.5kg and 5kgs to suit your budget and includes Bone-in- loin, tails, trimmings, brisket, stewing beef, done as per your request.



Derived from the loin by cutting between the lumbar and sacral vertebrae and through the tip of the
pelvic bone. (Suitable for roasting, grilling or frying)


Removed in one piece from the loin by freeing the head (butt end) from the hip bone. (Suitable for
roasting, grilling or frying)


Extracted from the full quarter from the side by removing the eye muscle between the 10 th and 11 th
ribs, which are parallel to the chine bone to a point between the 5 th and 6 th ribs. (Suitable for grilling
and frying)


Extracted from the inside of the buttock section along the muscle division from the silverside and
thickflank. (Suitable for wasting)


By removing a straight cut anterior to the pelvic bone from a point at the junction of the lumbar and
cacral vertebrae through the eye muscle. (Suitable for grilling)

Boneless Forequarter 90% Visual Lean

The full forequarter de-boned with shin and ribeye removed. (Suitable for stewing)


Removed from the outside of the buttock section along the natural muscle divisions from the
topside and thick flank. (Suitable for pickling or boiling)


Boneless meat derived from fore and hide shank. (suitable for pickling, boiling or stock)

Thick Flank

After removal of topside, the portion remaining in front of the femur bone is the thick flank.
(suitable for stewing, braising, pickling or boiling)

Chuck And Blade 90% Visual lean

Lean boneless manufacturing beef derived after the removal of brisket, shin, ribeye and chuck
tender. (suitable for stewing and braising)