The Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security Dr Cassius Moreki has expressed concern about the declining cattle population in Botswana. He was speaking at the Kweneng Beef Association Farmers Day in Lemapye cattlepost in Kudumelapye. Dr Moreki further said the declining cattle population has harmful effects on beef exports to European Union, Norway and other markets and therefore urged farmers to work with government and address the issue.

Climate change has been identified as a major factor in the decline of cattle population in Botswana and Dr Moreki advised farmers to adopt methods such as Artificial Insemination (AI) which can help to increase livestock production. He further noted that AI can also be used to improve livestock breeds.

Theme of the event “Improving Botswana Beef for Better returns’’ was said to be well thought because it is in line with Ministry ‘s vision of prosperous Agricultural sector with Global Competitiveness as well as the mission of improving food security. Agriculture is one of Government ‘s priority areas and as result, a number of initiatives had been put in place to support livestock industry which include programs such, ISPAAD, LIMID, AI technology and drought subsidy.