By November 15, 2022News

Subsequent to a mass voluntary recall of certain batches of the 300 grams ECCO corned beef on 14th December 2021 due  to suspected quality breaches – the BMC, with effect from 02nd September 2022, relaunched the 300 grams ECCO corned beef and corned meats product lines with improved features.This relaunch is attributable to the successful recalling of then referred batches (CODES D243A and D300A), successful completion of corrective action and subsequent trial productions to ascertain product’ safety and compliance.The BMC has in the same utilized this period (of recall) to add improved features of the ECCO corned beef and corned meat products as per the following:

Re-labelling with different pantone colors to distinguish the premium corned beef (with 100%  beef content) from corned meat products (with meat content of 65%);

Royal blue – being premium 100% beef content Corned Beef

Red – being 65% meat content Corned Meat, Chilli/Hot flavor

Yellow – being 65% meat content Corned Meat, plain flavor

Other differentiating elements/factors such as reduced salt in all products, non flavor enhancers (MSG free), dietary benefits associated with Soy free diet as well as additional benefits of sourcing raw material from HORMONE FREE cattle of Botswana.The BMC will embark on a full campaign to ensure wider distribution and availability of the product within Botswana, but also ensure better customer satisfaction and knowledge of the products.

For more information please call BMC’ Sales & Marketing at 533 1212/ 533 1277/5331276