By March 22, 2023News

The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) is happy to announce the successful accreditation to export Botswana beef to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with effect from 19th March 2023.The accreditation by the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment in the UAE of Botswana Beef- comes after a series of rigorous inspections and quality compliance evaluations of the BMC by the National Independent Halal Trust (NIHT) between December 2022 and February 2023.

Increasing the diversity of lucrative markets for Botswana beef is a cornerstone of the BMC Meriting strategy 2022/25 – of which BMC’s participation at the DUBAI EXPO in February 2022 was a critical component and these are some of the results.The BMC intends accessing all lucrative markets within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and access to the UAE is a critical milestone in the achievement of that goal

In celebrating this monumental first-time achievement, which will allow for Botswana farmers – through the BMC – to have access to one of the best paying markets of beef in the Middle East, it must also be seen as a sustainable incentive for cattle beef production in Botswana. It reconfirms BMC’s accumulated intellectual resources, capacity and prowess in issues relating to food safety compliance and global product uniqueness. These priced knowledge assets therefore reiterate possibilities of a knowledge-based economy, as championed by the Government’s RESET AGENDA.

The Board and Management asks the nation to join in, celebrating the men and women of BMC, who continually strive to promote the beef industry and ensuring that BMC continues to be a critical component of the Botswana economy, and with your support in the value chain, we will achieve prosperity for BMC and the nation.