By November 15, 2022News

The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) is happy to announce to farmers, stakeholders and the general public – that current EU Incentive Scheme prices of P33.00 to P42.00 per kilogram on carcass dressed mass (CDM) will be maintained as the BMC Pricing with immediate effect.

As part of improved supplier-attraction strategy, the BMC had initially set the end-date of the scheme to be 31st May 2022, but widespread support and commendation from stakeholders, and accomplishments the scheme provided for the BMC, such as improved throughput and fulfillment of customer orders the Commission resolved to maintain the Scheme as the new BMC Pricing Structure

The other benefits of the scheme, suite of improved servicing to the farmers supplying all BMC operations remains, these were:-

  • payments within 14 days after slaughter;
  • Reduced penalties of measled beef/carcasses from Pll/kg to Pl/kg;
  • Reduced minimum CDM thresholds to cater for CDM’s below 760 kilograms; knowledge empowerment campaigns in partnerships with farmers’ associations- and many other relationship management initiatives.

Cattle producers and all other supplier stakeholders are encouraged to avoid the huge losses that often come with the winter season – by taking opportunity of the BMC prices and secure supply-quotas early.

The BMC shall go on a national wider stakeholder appreciation drive of this latest decision, and other benefits associated with selling cattle to the BMC.

For more enquiries, please contact our reliable and friendly Livestock Advisors at +267 5331510, 5331251 or email: [email protected]