Botswana Meat Commission
Meat Perfection Defined

About Us


THE ORGANISATION : BMC is a Parastatal and was established in 1965 to promote the development of the country's livestock industry as well as the country's beef and related ....

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Core Ideology


Mission : To produce quality meat and value adding products for global markets
Vision : A globally renowned meat and diversified products enterprise ....

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Price Structure By Grade

Ensuring your precise requirements are met BMC processes a range of cattle types from prime cattle finished through its extensive feed lot systems and younger cattle coming straight off the veldt through to older animals and breeding stock. This provides a widerange of carcase types in terms of age, conformation, fat cover and carcase/primal sizes. Classifying carcases is the first and most critical step in BMC’s primal grading process. The grading of carcases is regulated and delivered bythe Ministry of Agriculture. This ensures an independent process and isused as the basis for rewarding farmers for producing animals that best fitmarket requirement.There are two factors taken into consider....

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News Feeds

11 February, 2014

MAUN BMC EXCEEDS TARGET Click here to download article

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