By November 15, 2022News

The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) resumed its production at its Lobatse abattoir from Sunday 23rd October 2022.To better facilitate/coordinate supplies as well as production – all farmers are required to make bookings with BMC’s Livestock Procurement division at¬†534 0510 or by emailing to [email protected].

Cattle farmers/suppliers are reminded of the compliance provisions as set out by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) recent adjustment of livestock movement protocols – from their media release of 17th October 2022 captioned “RESUMPTION OF EXPORTS TO THE EUROPEAN UNION”

Cattle farmers/suppliers are again reminded of the BMC prices of P42-P31/kg of CDM for all EU eligible cattle, but P31\kg of CDM for all Other Markets (OM) cattle (which are all ungraded). The commitment to pay cattle suppliers within 14 days after slaughter remains effective and in place, including all other favorable benefits/trade-terms extended to all cattle suppliers i.e. reduced measles penalty  on all EU eligible cattle; free transportation from collection points for only OM eligi-ble cattle; as well as buying of light weighted cattle.

BMC encourages all cattle suppliers to take opportunity of this announcement and supply adequately to benefit.

For more information please contact 5340510/ 5331255.