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The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) is happy to announce to farmers, stakeholders and the general public – that current EU Incentive Scheme prices of P33.00 to P42.00 per kilogram on carcass dressed mass (CDM) will be maintained as the BMC Pricing with immediate effect.

As part of improved supplier-attraction strategy, the BMC had initially set the end-date of the scheme to be 31st May 2022, but widespread support and commendation from stakeholders, and accomplishments the scheme provided for the BMC, such as improved throughput and fulfillment of customer orders the Commission resolved to maintain the Scheme as the new BMC Pricing Structure

The other benefits of the scheme, suite of improved servicing to the farmers supplying all BMC operations remains, these were:-

  • payments within 14 days after slaughter;
  • Reduced penalties of measled beef/carcasses from Pll/kg to Pl/kg;
  • Reduced minimum CDM thresholds to cater for CDM’s below 760 kilograms; knowledge empowerment campaigns in partnerships with farmers’ associations- and many other relationship management initiatives.

Cattle producers and all other supplier stakeholders are encouraged to avoid the huge losses that often come with the winter season – by taking opportunity of the BMC prices and secure supply-quotas early.

The BMC shall go on a national wider stakeholder appreciation drive of this latest decision, and other benefits associated with selling cattle to the BMC.

For more enquiries, please contact our reliable and friendly Livestock Advisors at +267 5331510, 5331251 or email: [email protected]

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Botswana Meat Commission(BMC) was given the opportunity to exhibit and sensitize Batswana on its products and services at the launch of the revised Artificial Insemination program held at the Dibete AI Camp on 03 November 2022. The launch was officiated by the President of the Republic of Botswana His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi E.K Masisi.
The aim of the programme is to increase the national herd and improve genetic merit through adoption of the use of new technologies. The programme will also promote private sector participation, provide high quality quality semen, technical capacity building and promote fodder production.


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Members of the public and the entire beef sub-sector stakeholders are informed that Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) will start receiving cattle for both EU and other markets for slaughter at its Lobatse Plant on Sundays until Thursdays effective 22 August 2021.

All stakeholders are therefore urged to make necessary arrangements for the immediate supply of cattle by contacting BMC Lobatse Livestock Procurement Division on +267 533 1255/533 1510.

All media enquiries should be addressed to BMC Communications & Public Relations Office at 5331234.




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The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) notes with utter disappointment and dismay – innuendos in some media platforms and social media group-exchanges carrying the above captioned – which are all set to intently juxtapose BMC’s historic performance with a deliberate ploy to tarnish the reputational image of the country’s leadership, especially that of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Botswana Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi as well as Cabinet Minister Dr Thapelo Matsheka.

The BMC wishes to place on public record, as it has done in the past or when pursued to account, that neither His Excellency the President Dr Masisi nor Office of the President have at any time or moment ever been involved in any operational matters or procurement transactions of the BMC – save for unapologetically demanding that the BMC, just as should be the case with all other state-owned entities, must perform efficiently and ensure protection of shareholder interests.

While the BMC is working hard to address all its historic lapses, and in the same vein ensuring that such failures by the BMC should not recur, the Commission is deeply concerned by the aforementioned malicious fabrications by some individuals whose sole aim is to detract the BMC from its reformative path. Equally disturbing are attempts by the mischievous individuals to spread baseless slander and libel with the intention to inflame anxieties across the BMC stakeholders landscape.

The BMC appeals to the nation to disregard the surging trend of falsified information about the Organisation – and urges the public to rely only on confirmed and approved information disseminated officially by the Organisation.

The BMC is in unequivocal support of the Government’s efforts to combat corruption – and remains available to all oversight and law enforcement agencies for investigation regarding any reports or allegations of impropriety.

BMC once again appeals to the media to timeously contact the BMC Spokesperson at [email protected] or +267 533 1234, to verify information before publishing – as this would avoid dissemination of uncorroborated information.




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Date: 26th March 2020


As part of implementing official precautionary measures against risk/contraction of COVID-19, the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) has since taken a decision to adopt additional measures to ensure that its critical operations are minimally disrupted – during these challenging times.

The following additional measures shall therefore apply as of Monday 30th March 2020 until further notice:

  • BMC will stagger its operational activities in between weekdays to ensure optimal service to all its stakeholders (e.g. cattle producers and customers);
  • To achieve the above, BMC will therefore:
    • Receive cattle for weekly slaughter ONLY on Mondays and Tuesdays,
    • Slaughter will be scheduled ONLY on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; while
    • Deboning is scheduled for Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Other BMC services such as selling of products, payments and other enquiries will continue to operate within normal hours (0730 – 1630Hrs);
  • In view of the above-referred, BMC shall therefore place up to 40% of its staff on leave while others will be required to work from home, as part of decongesting the work/office-space;
  • BMC offices shall remain accessible albeit in a controlled manner, where each visitor to BMC premises will be subjected to health-screening/check and sanitization, before accessing any of the offices. Members of the public are therefore requested, where possible, NOT to make unnecessary visits to BMC offices – but rather call or email.

The above-referred measures are to ensure that BMC continues to effectively operate – in compliance with measures set by Government, but also respond to the strategic call of ensuring that there are no disruptions to the national food security mandate.


BMC also takes this opportunity to urge all to take care of themselves by fully complying with set of rules and measures already in place to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

For further enquiries please call +267 5331234 and +267 5331510 or email to the following:

For general enquiries: [email protected]

For cattle procurement and bookings: [email protected] or [email protected]

For payments and accounts: [email protected]

For sales and marketing: [email protected] or [email protected]